राजीव गांधी जलकृषि केंद्र

(Aquaculture Technology Incubation Centre of MPEDA)
(Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)
Affiliated by Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India.


Marine Finfish Hatchery Project

Marine Finfish Hatchery Project (MFHP) of RGCA was initiated during 2009 at Pozhiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram-District, Kerala. The MFHP has maintains a open sea cage farm at Muttom, Kanyakumari-District, Tamil Nadu since 2011.

Cobia: The Fast Growing and High valued Marine finfish for Cage Farming
Scientific Classification
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Rachycentridae
Genus Rachycentron
Species canadum

Major Objectives

Seed production and farming of marine Finfishes such as Cobia, Silver Pompano, Mangrove Red snapper, Giant Trevally, etc.

To transfer the technology of seed production and farming to the aquafarmers for sustainable aquaculture.

Standardized Live feed Culture technology require to sustain marine finfish hatchery.

Salient features of the Project

The project devised and standardized broodstock Domestication, maturation and conditioning of Cobia, Silver pompano, Mangrove red snapper and Giant Trevally.

Year-round production of Algae, Rotifer and larval rearing is standardized. The project carries out induced breeding and larvae rearing of Cobia from the year 2011 onwards and achieved a maximum survival rate of 15.5 % (from Hatchling to Fingerling).

Conducting awareness programmes on the potential for farming of Cobia and Pompano in sea cages as well as grow-out farms.

Services offered:

Training programmes: Hands-on training programmes on-
Best Husbandry Practices of Marine Finfish Aquaculture
Marine Finfish Hatchery Operation

Consultancy for Marine Finfish Hatchery Constructions and Operations

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The project has produced and supplied 1.6 lakhs of cobia and 4.9 lakhs of pompano seeds to 190 beneficiaries so far.

Remarkable achievement for production of Silver Pompano (long fin strain) entirely through natural spawning and achieved a survival rate of 46.53% from Sac-larvae to fingerlings.

The only known facility which succeeds in achieving natural spawning of Giant trevally.

The project has been succeeded to produce Black Soldier Fly Pre-pupae for the first time and a total of 7.631Kgs of BSF pre-pupae have been harvested and 6.4Kgs had been provided as feed in Pompano Nursery rearing and RAS.

The project developed and standardized HAAT inoculum (inoculum of rotifers and copepods) for shrimp farms and supplied 2579 liters of HAAT inoculum in the year 2019-20 itself.

Conducted 5 batches of hands-on training programmes benefitting 105 entrepreneurs.

Here We Are

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P. N. Damodar

Senior Scientific Officer [In charge]

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Scientific Officer

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J. Mohanraj


Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
Marine Finfish Hatchery Project
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